Registration for music studies

Source: Hochschule fuer Musik Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Leipzig, A, I.2, 18440

State University of Music, Leipzig
Founded in 1843 as "Conservatory of Music", registration no. 18440

Bild 8 Klaus ca. 16 jährig
Recorded on: March 18, 1943

Full first and last name of person seeking admission: 
         Hermann Wilhelm Klaus Tennstedt

Place of residence: Halle/S.[aale]    Address: Leopoldstr. 1

Place of birth: Merseburg      Day and year: 6 June 1926

Nationality: Dtsch. [German] Reich.     

Denomination: Protestant

School education: Middle school

Are you of Aryan descent: Yes

Who pays for your education: Father, H.[ermann] Tennstedt, Municipal Opera musician

Main subject: Violin, piano

Taught by whom and for how long therein?  
Violin: Hermann Tennstedt, 3 years
Piano: Luderer-Lüttich, 5 years

Have you already studied at another university?  No                        Klaus at about 16

Do you have basic general musical knowledge?  Basic music theory

Living in Leipzig: Living in Halle / S[aale]

The division into the individual classes is determined by the management. Wishes can be expressed:   
Violin: Hilf,    Piano: Rohden,    Theory: Petynek.

Signatures:    Hermann Tennstedt         Klaus Tennstedt

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